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When Sindy Sun first got the idea to become a spray tan artist she had just left Toronto from trying for the first time to live there after giving up a contract with the Feds. People thought she was nuts and for six months she thought they were right because at the end of her stint there, she had failed and moved back to Ottawa with her tail between her legs. She tried getting another contract in IT but the jobs were not to her liking in Toronto and she felt like the IT world was slowly but surely turning her off. She wanted something different and decided to do what she could to make that change. She packed up, asked for her old contract back with the feds and headed back to make some money and change things up for the future!

"I remember one night back in Ottawa thinking about what to do next and for some reason I went to my bible of life to ask it what I should there I was, typing into the google search engine...(my bible of life)... Top Ten Home Businesses.......and there it was......spray tanning was #1. After hours of research, numbers crunching and getting more and more excited along the way, I knew this was my destiny. It gave me everything I needed to be an independent person who could control their own destiny and look great while doing it. I was on my way!


After years of ups and downs, numerous TV interviews, write ups in print and online media, a few location moves (lol), lots of laughs, tears and goals being met, I can honestly tell you that it has all been worth it. I've realised that I cannot control what happens in business but I also realised that the way I deal with what happens, will dictate my path.

Looking back makes me realise that I will be ok no matter what happens in the future....I've learnt that one thing I am in control of is whether I give up or not and I'm telling all of my spray tanning clients, present and future that I will not give up bringing you the best service and solutions out there! That is my word to you. I love this business and I see the need in Canada to have a passionate person out there to educate and facilitate in the transformation of dangerous bed and sun bathing, to the safer and healthiest way to tan......HIGH QUALITY SPRAY TANNING!!" Sindy Sun :-)XO

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Sindy Sun has developed her own solution - insTANt sun

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